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ZANCH provides a full spectrum of engineering services including professional solutions, technical services and consultancy services. These services are conducted by dedicated teams of management professionals and industry experts with proven project performance track records.


ZANCH is a one-stop sourcing agent you can trust. We have rich experience in quickly sourcing good products and materials, and when you know what you want we can always get it for you. We are always there to manage every facet of the process of meeting up with your project requirements.


ZANCH provides construction services to its clientele primarily in the Oil, Gas and Power sectors. Our Services cover activities in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Markets covering exploration, development, production, maintenance and abandonment phases of projects.

ZANCH is set to undertake an international training tour for partnership accreditation

ZANCH has completely diversified into the oil and gas industry. We have successfully concluded the audit process in the oil and gas industry and are set to partner with IOCs in the implementation of projects in the industry.

Your Project Partner

ZANCH is a major player in the service providing industry. We provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services to Government, Non-profit, foundations and Philanthropists, Oil and Gas, Public Utility (Electric Utility, Telephone Utility, Transportation Utility, Broadband Internet Utility (Fixed and mobile) and Solid Minerals), Real Estate, Education, Financial Institutions, Hospitality and Healthcare Sector. ZANCH partners players in the above industries to provide products, equipment, technology and support services in two ways:


As a resource partner, we provide professional solutions and technical services in the global market place using premium products and superior technologies from reputable industry vendors. We have established global alliances in the provisions of professional technology solutions, oil and gas services, materials and equipment procurement, and information and communication services.


As an outsource partner, we lend our skills and expertise to you by offering value-added services making your work easy and more efficient thereby maximizing your performance, creating higher profit margin, control cost, reduce risks, add value and help you to achieve your business goals.


Our focus is to create sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnership both in the local and global market place.